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We provide performance and security optimization to keep your WordPress site running at its fastest and safest

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Why outsource your WordPress optimization tasks?

A poorly optimized and insecure WordPress website poses significant dangers, including compromised user experience, reduced search engine rankings, and heightened vulnerability to cyber threats. By entrusting experts with these critical aspects, you mitigate these risks.

Additionally, outsourcing frees up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

With a dedicated team handling speed and security, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your WordPress site operates efficiently and is resilient against potential threats, ultimately fostering a positive user experience.

WordPress optimization - WPDone

Established Reputation

We operate with the support of Artbees, the creators of the acclaimed Jupiter X WP, catering to almost 200,000 businesses over the last decade.

Scalable expertise at
your fingertips

Leverage the skills of our seasoned WordPress professionals to handle all your optimization requirements.

White-Label Success!

WPDone maintenance and support services are entirely customizable and can be branded under your business for a seamless, fully branded experience.

Entrust the Technical Details to Us - Focus on Growth!

We fortify and boost your  WordPress and WooCommerce websites on demand, addressing issues with cutting-edge technology and industry best practices.

Performance & Security Optimization

Our expert team employs a diverse set of techniques, including caching, code optimization, regular security scans, and backups to guarantee the security, responsiveness, and quick loading of your website.

WordPress Maintenance Service - WPDone

Unlocking Performance Benefits for Various WordPress Website Types

For Business and Professional Websites

For E-commerce Stores

For Personal Brand Websites:

For News Websites:

Took the pressure off over  

600 teams and businesses 


How are WordPress optimization and WordPress maintenance different?
WordPress optimization is a one-off, on-demand service where your website undergoes a security audit and necessary measures are taken to address security issues and maintain performance. On the other hand, a maintenance service entails regular updates, security checks, and ongoing performance optimization, ensuring your WordPress website runs smoothly in the long term.
Why should I care about Core Web Vitals score?

Caring about your Core Web Vitals score is crucial as it directly influences user experience, search engine rankings, mobile friendliness, and overall website performance. Improving this score contributes to enhanced website performance, increased user engagement, and overall success in the online realm.

How do you communicate during the project?

Once our team starts the project, you will get regular updates from your WordPress veterans via the briefing section in the WPDone portal. You can also get in touch with the WPDone team using the chat support in the corner of your WPDone dashboard. In specific cases there is the option of direct Zoom calls as well.

What makes WPDone better than competitors?

WPDone, an Artbees service, draws strength from its association with Artbees, the company renowned for Jupiter, one of the world's most popular WordPress themes. This affiliation empowers your team with unparalleled know-how and expertise, setting WPDone apart from other WordPress outsourcing services.

Committed to the highest standards in development, performance, and aesthetics, WPDone upholds a reputation for excellence within the WordPress community. With a proven track record of success across various WordPress and WooCommerce products, we strive for excellence and innovation in every aspect of our services.

How much does white-label WordPress optimization cost?

WordPress optimization cost is calculated on hourly basis. Depending on the specific services you require and the scope of your project the price can vary, but you can get a quote in this page.

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